Hate shopping? We did.    

The whole store experience is overwhelming and inconvenient. Shopping online isn’t much better. How do you know if it will fit? Online stores intentionally make it difficult, and costly, to return items.

We knew there had to be a better way.

A retail experience you could trust. One that was convenient, enjoyable and personalized. Almost like buying from a friend. We built Bogeybox Golf Club around the idea that when you shop with us you’re not just another number, you’re a member of the club.

45 years ago...

you walked into a country club and the pro at the shop greeted you by first name. He knew what your preferences were, and was able to make amazing product recommendations because he knew you personally.

This personal relationship helped to create an amazing service experience. For the golfer, they were able to trust the person they were buying from.

Today, you walk into a big-box golf retail store, and the associate behind the counter knows nothing about you. They may not even know anything about golf. We believe that the retail experience both in-store, and online, is completely broken. We are here to make it great again.

A better way to Shop

Like most of you, we’ve long had to choose between the 3-hour trip to the stores that disrespects your time, or costly online return policies that disrespects your wallet. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created Bogeybox Golf Club: ultimate convenience, service and choice at a fair price.  

Evolved model

Built on trust and personal service. By selling directly to you online, we have no need for costly big-box retail stores. We pass the savings onto you via unlimited free shipping and unlimited free returns (that’s right… no more trips to the store. You want to try it? We’ll send it to your door). This is the way we wanted the shopping experience to be: an easy, risk-free, way to discover new products that fit perfectly.

For Bogeybox this model is extremely expensive and risky, but we believe that when we deliver on the promise of convenience and personalized service, our customers will reward us by continuing to shop with us year after year.

It’s a big bet, but our members have proven that once a golfer tries our service, they never go back to shopping the old way. 

One-to-one Service

Our service isn’t based on packing cheap clothes into a box, regardless of style or fit, and sending it to you once a month. It’s based on real people understanding your needs, to pick out the right clothes every time. Getting new shipments, providing clothing feedback, receiving preview emails, even getting online lessons, will all be done through your style professional.

Everything is on your schedule. No strings attached. Just a simple, trustworthy and convenient way to shop.


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